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The Original Duck Tape Brand 394468 Duct Tape, 1-Pack 1.88 Inch x 45 Y

The Duck Tape brand is synonymous with duct tape, and for good reason. This multi-purpose tape can be used for a variety of tasks around the house, from holding things together to sealing up cracks and holes. Duck Tape is made from a durable cloth backing and coated with a waterproof polymer, making it ideal for temporary repairs. It tears easily by hand, conforms to uneven surfaces, and won't leave a sticky residue behind when you remove it. There are endless uses for Duck Tape, but some of our favorites include wrapping up cords and cables, sealing food containers, and patching holes in walls. It's also great for arts and crafts projects, like making wallets, jewelry, and picture frames. Whether you're a DIYer, a crafter, or just looking for a reliable repair tape, Duck Tape is a great choice.
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