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kinder Fluff Car Window Shade (4Pack)-The Only Certified Car Window Su

Do you want to protect your children from the sun's harmful UV rays without sacrificing their view? If so, you need the kinder Fluff Car Window Shade! This set of 4 shades is the only one that is CERTIFIED to block 99.79% of UVA and 99.95% of UVB. With an SPF of 100 and a UPF of 50+, you can rest assured that your children are protected from the sun's harmful rays. The set includes 2 transparent shades and 2 semi-transparent shades, so you can choose the right one for the situation. Plus, it comes with a storage pouch, so you can keep the shades handy for when you need them. Made of 120 GSM,15S Film, the kinder Fluff Car Window Shade is a must-have for any family with young children.
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