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GE WB02K10254 Genuine OEM Anti-Tip Bracket Assembly for GE Range/Stove

Most GE ranges come with an anti-tip device, which is a metal bracket that you can attach to the back of the range and floor. The bracket is designed to prevent the range from tipping forward if you put too much weight on the open door, such as when you're moving a heavy pot of food from the counter to the stove. If your GE range doesn't have an anti-tip device, or if the device is damaged, you can buy a replacement part (GE part number WB02K10254) and install it yourself. Installation is pretty straightforward: you just need to remove the two screws that hold the back panel in place, slide the panel off, and then attach the bracket to the range with the screws that are provided. The GE WB02K10254 Anti-Tip Bracket Assembly is a vital safety feature for any GE range. If your range doesn't have one, or if the existing bracket is damaged, don't hesitate to replace it.
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