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GE home electrical 3-Outlet Power Strip, 12 Ft Extension Cord, 2 Prong

When it comes to having reliable at-home power, GE home electrical has you covered with their 3-Outlet Power Strip. This product is perfect for creating a central hub for your electronics, whether at your home, office, workshop, or garage. With 12 feet of extension cord, you'll have plenty of reach to where you need it, and the three polarized AC outlets provide ample power for charging or running multiple devices. Plus, the compact design means it won't take up too much space. So what are some use cases for the GE 3-Outlet Power Strip? Well, if you've ever found yourself short on outlets, this is the perfect solution. Maybe you have a home office and need to charge your laptop, power your printer, and keep your lamp on all at the same time - this power strip can handle it. Or maybe you're working in the garage and need to have two lights and a power tool all going at once - again, no problem. The GE 3-Outlet Power Strip is also a great choice for traveling, as it's small and lightweight enough to pack easily, but still gives you the power you need to keep all your devices going. Whether you need a little extra power around the house or a reliable way to keep your devices going when you're on the go, the GE 3-Outlet Power Strip is a great choice.
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