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(Limited Edition) BumpShox MAX - Front Car Bumper Protection, Ultimate

Let's face it, we've all been there. You're parallel parking and you hear that sickening crunch as your bumper collides with the car next to you. Or, you're backing out of your driveway and you misjudge the distance and hit your garage door. BumpShox MAX has got you covered! The BumpShox MAX is designed to be taller and wider than a standard license plate frame, providing maximum coverage for your bumper. The V-Tech all weather foam is tougher than steel and will not crack or rust like metal or plastic license plate frames. The recessed screw design ensures that there are no protruding metal parts that could cause additional damage in the event of a collision. Installation is quick and easy, with no drilling or permanent modifications required. The BumpShox MAX is easily removed for cleaning or if you need to access your trunk. So, whether you're parallel parking in a crowded city or backing out of your driveway, the BumpShox MAX has got you covered!
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