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Amazon Basics Unscented Standard Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser and Leas

1. Does your dog do his business on walks? Then you know the struggle of having to carry around a bunch of poop bags. And if you're forgetful, you might not even have any bags on you at all when Fido does his thing. But with these AmazonBasics Unscented Standard Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser and Leas, you'll never have to worry about that again. These 900 bags (15 bags per roll; 60 rolls) come in a black dispenser that attaches to your leash, so you'll always have them on hand. 2. These standard-size polyethylene bags offer reliable strength, keeping your hands protected while you're picking up after your pup. They're also unscented, so you won't have to deal with any nasty smells. Plus, the black color helps conceal whatever's inside. And when the bag is full, you can simply knot it and throw it away. 3. Whether you're a dog owner or a professional dog walker, these poop bags are a must-have. No one likes picking up dog poop, but with these bags, it's a whole lot easier. So go ahead and add them to your cart today and be prepared for whatever your dog throws your way.
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